Lauren Kimberley Churms

Defaulter / Potential scammer / Potential fraudster

This site is dedicated to Lauren Kimberley Churms aka. Lauren Churms from Rotherham, the United Kingdom. The purpose of this website is to prevent prospective employers, investors, creditors and anyone doing business with this person from getting ripped off. The creditors are unlikely to ever get their money back, but at least anyone bothering to Google her will be able to make a better informed decision about whether to trust her.

Name: Lauren Kimberley Churms

E-mail: [email protected]
Facebook (713 friends): [link]
LinkedIn: [link]

East Herringthorpe
S65 3NW
Great Britain

Response to creditors: [none]

Identity verified: Yes
Income verified: Yes
Paypal verified: Yes
Google verified: Yes
Social networks: Yes
Lauren Kimberley Churms "Help Kick-start my online business"

"Hello potential investors. My name is Lauren, and I am a budding entrepreneur from the UK. I currently work in a full time job, but I am in the process of building my own SEO business. The investment will go towards buying all of the tools required to really take the next step. If you have any questions feel free to ask. I have verified all my details, and have shown proof of my job income which is over $1500 per month."

Loan term: 90 days
Amount: 1.79 BTC (~ 400 GBP)
Payment monthly: 0.95190 BTC
Loan purpose: Business
BTCJam profile: [link]

Q: Could Lauren Churms be the victim of identity theft?
A: Most certainly not. BTCJam verified her identity not only using a passport. Her Paypal account, her income, her Facebook was verified as well. She also connected her Twitter account with 70 followers. One of her Facebook friends vouched for her. If she didn't create the BTCJam loan request herself, it was done with her knowledge and help.

Q: Has she responded in any way?
A: The only response from her was to update her Facebook profile picture to the photo of a man smiling in a mocking way.

Q: Is it possible that her business failed and that's why she can't make the repayments?
A: Based on the timeline and Facebook images, it is very likely she used the money to fund her holiday to Thailand. Even if that's not the case, she is still deliberately ignoring the creditors' attempts to get in touch with her. Lauren promised to use her income to make the repayment in the event the business venture failed.

Q: How many people lost money on this?
A: There were 78 creditors.

Q: Why not sue her?
A: Some creditors have made a claim against her at the small claims court. Whatever the outcome, without a warning put out there, she could continue on this venture of obtaining loans with no intention of repayment.

Lauren Churms

Kim Churms

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Profile of Lauren Churms

Profile of Lauren Kimberley Churms

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